5 Most Interesting Festivals in Catalonia

Making plans to visit Spain this year? Then you should visit Catalonia as well. Catalonia is a combination of four provinces, namely: Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona and Girona. Among other provinces, Barcelona is the most happening destination that attracts tourists from around the world. But, other parts of Catalonia are not far behind. In short, the entire place is so full of traditions and festivals, that you won’t get bored no matter which part of the year you choose to travel.

Just in case you didn’t know, we have 5 most popular festivals of Catalonia for you:

L’ou com balla (The Dancing Egg)

The meaning of L’ou com ballais “the Dancing Egg” and this actually is the main highlight. The festival is held exactly 60 days after the Easter Sunday, on Corpus Christi day. The festival starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday, because a large number of locals and tourists visit Barcelona and Catalonian villages to see the dancing egg. You can go to Barcelona Cathedral which is the most popular location to celebrate this festival. L’ou com balla is celebrated there in the opening hours.

La Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day)

On the 23rd of April every year, Catalan locals walk the streets of Barcelona and Catalonian villages, giving red roses and books to their friends and loved ones in the memory of their patron saint SantJodri de Cappadocia (Saint George of Cappadocia). He died in 303. Although, there’s no public holiday on 23rd of April, Saint George’s Day is one of the most prestigious festivals of Catalonia. This festival has been celebrated every year since 15th century.

Festes de La Merce (Festival of La Merce)

Festes de La Merce is worth taking a car rental in Barcelona, because there are so many places to visit and have fun that you cannot cover by foot. This festival has reached the status of Barcelona’s annual festival. It has been celebrated since 1871. The original festival lasts just for a day, but people have associated other festivities with it.

You will see concerts throughout the city, including AntigaFàbrica Estrella Damm, Plaçadels Angels, PlaçaReial, Parc del Fòrum, Plaça de Catalunya, etc. You can also see light shows, fireworks and other traditional celebrations throughout Barcelona. During the festival Barcelona’s City Hall opens its gates for public which is a rare sight.

Fiestas De Gracia(Gracia Street Festival)

Fiestas De Graciahas become a trademark of Graciadistrict. According to the oldest written evidence, this festival began in 1817. As the name suggests, Fiestas De Graciais held in Gracia district on 15th of August. There are different festivities, but the main focus is on the competition for the best decorated street and square. The decorated streets attract both the locals and tourists who also enjoy other activities, such as parades, foam party, live music, food parades, castelleres (human tower) and many other activities. The festival lasts for seven days.

Festival de la Infanciaen Barcelona

If you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in Barcelona, there will be plenty of events and festivals to welcome you. But Festival de la Infanciaen Barcelonais something that will make your kids happier than any other event. The festival is held at Fira de Barcelona exhibition center after Christmas Eve, and lasts for a week. Families and children would love the games, karaoke, ice rink, concerts and other events lined up for them.

So, if you’re travelling to Barcelona for a business trip, work, or any other purpose, make sure you have the festival calendar in hand. So, you don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy your spare time in Barcelona. Or simply hire a car in Barcelona so you don’t get stuck in the crowd and reach your destinations on time.