Ideas for Family Adventure Holidays This Summer

When it comes to planning your family summer holidays, there is much to be considered to ensure that everyone in the group is equally catered for, irrespective of age or gender. If you are stuck for ideas for this summer, and want to try something a bit different that everyone will remember for the right reasons, then why not check out the amazing selection of family activity holidays at ?

Under the ever increasing umbrella of adventure travel, activity holidays for families do exactly what they say on the tin and provide never ending fun from start to finish, and once you have experienced such a trip it is highly unlikely that you will want to return to the traditional holiday that involves little else apart from lying on the beach, or by the pool or browsing around the shops.

When it comes to location the world is literally your oyster, and it is easy to find a holiday that will fit in with both the time of year that you want to go and also the mixed abilities of the children depending on their ages. Even with the summer months being incredibly hot all over the globe, there are still places in the mountains and waterways of Europe for example where you can have a great time without suffering too much in the heat.

The long days followed by warm nights makes Europe come into its own during the summer months, and many do not realise that there is a whole continent out there to explore if you look past the crowded resorts around the Med. Andorra offers white water rafting, the Mreznica River in Croatia, with all its waterfalls, is perfect for canoeing or camping in the mountains of Spain away from the madding crowds can be both great fun and culturally enriching.

Another far flung destination which has much to offer is Peru in South America, and taking the Inca Trail is something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The warm dry days make this the perfect time to visit, and with all the flowers in bloom along the trail you will be blown away by its beauty. The trail may be too much for little ones however, but they can enjoy the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, as well as gaze in wonder at the Arequipa Ice Mummies.

If you like the idea of catching a glimpse of some of the most amazing wildlife in their natural habitat then a safari somewhere like Botswana or the Etosha National Park in Namibia will more than suffice.

Summer is far and away the best time to take a trip to Africa as it is the dry season which brings it lower temperatures, making it a lot more comfortable to go on safari, or head to Zanzibar for a spot of snorkelling, meet up with a Masai tribe to practice your spear throwing or to head south to take part in some dolphin watching or join the search for the elusive and enigmatic Black Rhino.

Image by pixbay