Nine Things You Should Never Do in New York City

The Big Apple is the greatest city in the world. She vibrates with energy. Over eight million people call it home and over fifty million tourists visit every year. Here is some valuable advice on what not to do for a trip that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Eat at a chain restaurant

New York City has some of the best delicatessens on the planet, so don’t waste time on chains like Arby’s and Subway. Try any local deli. You won’t be disappointed.

Ride in an empty subway car

Locals know that if a car is empty, there’s a reason. The subway is such a central part of daily life that everyone naturally knows what to do and what not to do. But tourists who aren’t familiar with this mode of transportation can find themselves waiting for long periods in trains that aren’t running and wondering why. Personal Contract Hire is also an alternative option.

Stop in the middle of the sidewalk

New Yorkers are always going somewhere and doing something. It’s not an idle city, so when people just stop in the middle of the path to gawk at the skyscrapers, it jams things up. Groups of tourists that don’t get out of the way can be the target of negative comments, delivered in a way only New Yorkers know how to do properly.

Shoot the breeze

As noted above, New Yorkers are busy. Although it has become a lot friendlier since 9/11 – people watch out for each other more – they are still impatient with people who waste their time. If you need to ask directions, store owners and taxi drivers are better than stopping busy strangers. Or do what the locals do: ask a cop.

Wear an “I (heart) NY” T-shirt

No matter how much you love New York, save the T-shirt for back home. No local would be caught dead wearing one, so it singles you out as a tourist and potential target for a scam.

Jay Walk

Don’t assume it’s safe to cross the street because the locals do it. Hundreds of people are hit on Manhattan streets every year. Observe the law and use the cross walks. That used Acura MDX in New York is as deadly as a brand new M1 tank.

Miss visiting the outer boroughs

Manhattan is a singularly unique place in the world, but Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Staten Island each possess a unique charm. Take the subway out to the periphery and enjoy the different culture of each part. You’ll find the prices are lower as well.

Take a Statue of Liberty tour

The outrageously priced State of Liberty tours are completely unnecessary. Take a ride onthe Staten Island ferry instead. You’ll see all of the same sights and it’s free.

Miss a museum because it’s too expensive

The entry fee for most New York City museums is just a suggested price. You are only required to pay what you can afford, so don’t let a high admission price scare you.